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Sound-venir — n° 1 / 2018

Memory is an attitude that must be constantly trained. It is the capacity that makes knowledge possible. The ability to assimilate information – as a memory – learned during an experience. These are the premises that underlie the idiophonic games made with Warm and Wood. We questioned about the factors that help the assimilation of a memory, and from these we created a product strongly characterized by the sensorial point of view: the senses are the interface that transform an experience into memory.

Sometimes the development of a product goes beyond the canons dictated by the market, to send a strong message about the possibilities that the relationship between the creative and the company can create. For this Sound-be was a real design research path at several levels: product, image and communication.

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design: Chiara Torelli   /   brand and communication advisor: Samantha Punis   /   code: intuum


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