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With our Journal we want to talk about the projects carried out by the studio from our point of view because our vision is the reflection of OAF design method.

Decasa – n° 2 / 2018

It is important to remember that a project, once translated into reality, defines an experience.
An different experience for each person who interacts with the space, with the communication or with the product designed. This is the most interesting aspect of our work, trying to predict a reaction, without being able to predict who produces it.
Decasa is a project we are very proud of, it is an important synthesis of the services we can offer, has been chosen materials which we believe in and we have been able to follow in detail the careful directives of the client. Above all we have stimulated in the customers, the emotion sought from the beginning by the owners of the place: Decasa makes us feel at home.

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design: Chiara Torelli   /   brand and communication advisor: Samantha Punis   /   code: intuum


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